So “shakin’ them pots” is an expression I grew up hearing from my mom, grandmom, aunts etc.  It usually meant they were in the kitchen cooking up a storm.  But, at its very core, it means a lot of hard, passionate work is getting done.  And right now it’s the only expression that comes to mind when I think about the projects I’m working on right now.

The very first post here on A & L was the business card I did for my girlfriend’s blog (which is awesome by the way, check it Here ) and once again I’m cookin’ something up for her.  She and a two super-talented ladies own & operate Triple Gloss Productions, which is a nightlife event planning throwing thingamabob.  Basically they do big-ass parties.  Oddly enough they have little or no corporate material.  No business card, no letterhead, no envelopes…nuthin! They have a website, which it seems they used dilithium crystals to go back to 1996 and steal.  Sorry Ladies, but you all’s website is hurtin’ ! Anywho, Erin enlisted me to develop a business card for Triple Gloss and I jumped on it.  And by doing so she also signed up total visual revamp because, well, they need it.  Hopefully I can knock this one out of Citizen’s Bank so I can do the visuals for their giant ( and I mean GIANT) Halloween party.  I absolutely love doing dark n gritty stuff so I’m aiming to land that project HARD.

Another project I’m workin’ on is a personal favorite and i get giddy every time I think about it.  I happen to be a big fan of classic cocktails.  And a big fan of Gin… Ok I just like drinking. But specifically I like drinking gin cocktails.  In addition to comic books, I have a serious thing for old liquor bottles.  I love product design as a whole but there’s something about designing a liquor bottle that’s satisfying beyond belief.  So what the hell, I decided I’m gonna develop a classically inspired bottle of booze.  I mean, this is a portfolio blog. I definitely need to show some diversity as far as my capabilities go. Annddd it means that I get to empty a bottle for, ahem, research purposes.  “Scuse me for a sec…..Ok I’m back.  Had to make myself a drink.  What? Blogging makes me thirsty…

What else…oh yeah! In the coming weeks I’m gonna create a feature here at A & L, appropriately titled “Throwback Thursdays”.  Every other Thursday, I”m gonna try to post some work that I’ve done as a student.  I, personally, don’t like the idea of filling a portfolio with work I’ve done as a student. Mainly because I consider school work to be an exercise in training and understanding, not generating quality, super-polished work.  I know, no one else sees it this way.  But I do.  So that’s why I’ve been creating all-new work for the blogfolio.  Is that a word? But there are a few things that I’ve done as a student that I think are worth sharing, for any number of reasons.  Also, its nice post old work and compare it to what I can do now. Kinda like when you were a kid and your parents would mark your height as you grew up, you know?  So keep a look out for that one.  Should be pretty interesting.

One last thing I promised myself I’d do.  I promised myself to post some design objectives so that I’d have to live up to them.  In the coming months I really need to focus on logo work, or more accurately simplified shapes and colors.  And overall more commercially viable work.  I like making purposeless stuff that’s just good lookin’.  But that’s not gonna get me any freelance work.  So I have to focus on work and elements that are commercially realistic.  I’ll always find time to satisfy my whimsical daydreams and napkin sketches.  But more professional work is an absolute must.  I’m not gettin’ a pair of Generic Man kicks makin’ pretty pictures for myself!  Alright enough with the jabberjawin’ I need a refill and my sketchbook.

“Big tings a’gwanin” as an old friend used to say!