Farewell Kindness, Humanity and Gratitude! Farewell to all the feelings that expand the heart.  I have been Heaven’s substitute to recompense the good.  Now the God of Vengeance yields to me his power to punish the wicked.”

This may seem a tad dramatic but I think it’s quite fitting for this, the very first post on Air & Light R//D.  This is, or will be I should say, my online design portfolio.  As a young designer who has been met with marginal success the above quote perfectly  conveys my deepest, most earth-shattering desire and soul-wrenching need to live, work, and exist as a designer.  For too long I have told myself that ‘one day‘ I’d get my sh*t together and get serious about my career. That, ‘one day’ I’d start displaying my work and seeking to establish myself as professional.  That ‘one day’ I’d be good enough, either in my own eyes or everyone else’s , to hand someone a business card and no longer fear telling them what I do and that I can do what I do for them. And do it well.

Well ‘one day’ is Today.  No longer will I be afraid to put myself, and my work, out there for any and everyone to see, critique, judge etc. Today, with the establishment of this blog,  I set my fears, my inadequacies, and my bullsh*t aside. As time goes on I hope to not only display my design work but to share a bit of Me with everyone. And as anyone who knows me knows that I’m a No-BS kinda guy. I’ll never lie to you or purposely mislead you. And in saying that I can say that there is a great deal about the professional design world that I know jack-sh*t about.  But what I lack in knowledge and experience, I more than make up for in true, pure, unbridled passion.  I may not have done it before but I know in my heart of hearts that I can learn it, do it, and crush it.

So Fare-thee-well to all the doubt, the uncertainty, to the cowardice and to everything in me that made this day impossible until Today.

And in saying farewell, I’d like to say Hello & Welcome to Air & Light Research//Design.